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Dunmer by krizalidbrando
Just a random dunmer from The Elder Scrolls (TES). Not sure if I really like what came out, but I wanted to draw a dark elf (dark elf? makes gorgeous dunmer race sound gay) long time ago.
Unleashed Spirit Karma (D.G. Karma 2.0) by krizalidbrando
Unleashed Spirit Karma (D.G. Karma 2.0)

Due to the fact that Karma gets another skin for 975-1320 RP, it’s time to re-think my previous ideas and to make a Legendary or even Ultimate skin for her. Like Rumble or Veigar, she deserves a skin with elements of modern culture and popular things from media. And it may be not the final version and some additions may come in the future.…
Our sweet thread is here (closed)…
Feel free to join the boards discussion.

Instead of Ionian crown on her back, she has an unleashed image of her powers, which adds additional visual effects.

- Her unleashed spirit with an avatar of glowing flying armor is a reference to popular oldschool manga and anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, where most of characters use powers called “Stands” – images of their own spiritual power.

- Overall look is similar to the Storm from “X-Men” with her dark skin and white hair.

- She also shares details from Moriah The Thief from "Dungeons&Dragons", specially the shape of her body, haircut and earings.

- Stripes on her eyes, dark skin and white hair also can remind of Krizalid from “The King of Fighters”

- Dark clothes and stripes also can be compared to the Crow.

- White hair and dark skin, with rings on her hands and feet, are common features of Elena from Street Fighter.

- Medal on her neck is similar to one of the Buddhist Karma symbols + it’s similar to Arakune’s mask from Blazblue, who was a scientist obsessed with the idea of unleashing a terrific power, which actually has turned him into a monster.

- Having a spiritual silhouette and some details in her clothing, she’s also similar to Zappa from Guilty Gear who is being haunted by a ghost.

- Her color Palette is similar to Ragna The Bloodedge from Blazblue with white hair, red jacket and black body suit, or Dante from Devil May Cry series. Ragna had an uncontrollable power which made him a solid weapon of destruction.â&…;

- Red coat being weared like a skirt or rather a cape makes her similar to Tetsuo from the legendary anime Akira, where main character has unleashed his true potential and become an ultimate beast, and his friend Kaneda, who was wearing a red moto jacket. Tetsuo also had white hair on some of the manga’s frames.

- While going back to the base (going b) she’s supposed to show players her back and throw her jacket on her shoulder like I-No from Guilty Gear series (Or like Kaneda from Akira).

- The heart-shaped cleavage on her chest is similar to Giorno Giovanna from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.â&…;

- The hollow head and missing eyes of her spiritual image is a reference to Flame Atronachs from The Elder Scrolls. It’s also a symbol of her being blinded by the power she found within herself. Shape of its face is also similar to Dio’s “The World”.

- Shoulders of her spiritual avatar are similar to Zero’s armor from The King of Fighters, who also shares dark skin and white hair feature.

- Spiritual image’s cape looks similar to cape of Lars Alexandersson from Tekken and it’s gloves look similar to Kazuya Mishimas who had a devil gene inside of him (which he could unleash by his own will).

- The flying armor is also can be called as a reference to Soma Cruz from Castlevania, who had power to summon a flying armor which assisted him to climb difficult spots. He also had white hair and his dark powers were hidden, till he unleashed the true matter of his soul.

- The splash pose is of course the mainly task of Riot’and their artists, but pose of Rohan Kishibe would also do it well.â&…;

 - I also forgot popular game series Persona, which also shared such spiritual power. 

Skills visualization:

Inner Flame (Q) is supposed to look like a blast of white energy, which explodes with purple and red flame when it reaches the enemy. The shape of explosion would remind of a pack of monster heads.

Soulflare (R->Q) will be similar to Inner Flame with one big exception – after reaching its final point; it will explode in the image of black spherical energy, visually similar to the grand collapse from Akira.â&…;

Focused Resolve (W) is being casted by the spiritual image throwing a whip made of pure energy, which ties enemy.

Renewal (R+W) – Spiritual image spreads its hands and starts to absorb enemy’s energy via its mouth, similar to Malzahar’s ultimate.


Inspire (E) Spiritual Image hugs Karma from behind and covers her with a dome of glowing energy, which leaves her silhouette’s trace behind as she moves forward.

(the trace can be called a reference to Castlevania characters and Kaneda’s motorcycle from Akira). While being casted on teammate, it leaves an electrical bolt which is following her teammate for a short period of time, similar to Vortigaunts from Half Life.

Defiance (R+W) Spiritual image raises it’s hand and cover Karma with a sphere of energy, which makes colors inside of the shield become negative.

Similar to Dio’s “The world’, known as an internet meme “ZA WARUDO”.
While being casted on teammates, it gives them the same visual effect.

Mantra (R) Spiritual image tosses it’s hands in the form of Yin and Yang, Karma’s hair start to flutter (similar to Dio or Tetsuo from Akira), her eyes glow red and a circle of dust appears under her legs.  


- Taunts and emotions

Joke – Karma and her spiritual image synchronously crackle their fists and say “Give me a break” or just sigh, which is a reference to Sol Badguy or Great Teacher Onizuka.

Taunt – Turns her back, looks over her shoulder towards the camera and says “What do you wish for, stranger?” with a little distorted voice.

This is the reference to Shadow Dio from the Capcom’s game Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (1999) and a symbol of the “Karma” being a ruler  of people’s destiny.

Dance – Karma and her spiritual image stand in different poses changing everytime player presses ctrl+3. This is a popular in media meme from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, where most of characters stand in stylish and even hilarious poses from the old magazines.

Underworld Lucian by krizalidbrando
Underworld Lucian
Meh, I thought it would come out better. I'm pretty lazy now. 
Well, I had an idea for Lucian having skin similar to Spawn. This is the result. Hope u rike it. 
Dark Gravitation Karma vs Syndra by krizalidbrando
Dark Gravitation Karma vs Syndra
More, I can be so much more! - said she. Yet the mysterious power, which possessed Karma's soul and body, is far stronger than anything known to Ionia. 

Was bored and so I decided to make another fast pic of her. Used some references to make it quick (which I can't remember already) and so on. Just reminding u guys that your support on forums is very appreciated.…


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